Hi. It’s me Jesse again. I hope you are being inspired by the way I’ve been rotating the themes of this personal fitness blog’s posts. I haven’t been going from one extreme to the next. If you need to go over some of them again, why don’t you. Themes are all interlinked to inspirational tips and typical personal fitness trainers’ motivations to get you into shape and keeping you this way. What I’ve been doing is switching from looking great to feeling great.

This post focuses on looking great. By doing that, it’s going to have a quick look at the exercises you can do to not only reduce weight but also put on a bit more muscle and tone strategic parts of your body so that they represent a more shapely you. In the beginning, doing these exercises, not really hard to do, actually, can wreak confusion and cause beginners to not follow them properly. So, a word of advice. If you can, schedule a first session with a personal trainer down at your local gym to help you with your muscle and body toning exercises.

What she will also be doing is looking at your different body groups and what sort of shape you’re in. For instance, if you’re carrying a considerable amount of weight around the abdominal area, you can expect to receive a schedule that’s going to be focusing on that area for some weeks to come, at least. If you happen to be a particularly and/or naturally skinny guy who just happens to be in recovery mode from eating too much junk and doing next to nothing physically, you can expect to receive a schedule that’s going to be focusing on building muscle.

Alongside of that, your diet is going to emphasize high protein content. To simplify what a registered nutritionist may present the skinny guy (and in accordance to his unique health profile), you can expect to be eating oats and eggs, come breakfast time. Around lunch, you may be focused on tuna and salad sandwiches. You notice I didn’t include mayo here. That’s deliberate because no matter how light or low-carb the jar says it is there’s still too much sodium, fat and sugar in it.

The light tuna sandwich saves up space for the main meal of the day which will probably include a juicy steak, minus the fat and sourced from a free range supplier. While you don’t have a personal trainer or nutritionist to work with, you can still take care of yourself at home. If you’re flabby around the middle, you can do stomach crunches. This really means doing sit-ups. Start with modest targets, say five at a time (per exercise session) and then work your way up to ten.

Still overweight, you need to walk as often as possible. These walks do not need to be long but they do need to be done at a brisk pace to the point that you are starting to breathe a little heavier than usual. If you’re truly out of shape, you can restrict your quick walks to no more than ten minutes a day. Over the weekend, you can relax your routine. Go for a much long walk but at a leisurely pace that allows you to feel good about yourself.

You can use this time to reflect on how well you have done in the first few days and weeks of your first-ever exercise program. The brisk walks are good cardio-vascular exercise while the longer walks are designed to improve your stamina.

Skipping at home is awesome, but it’s also quite hard. It does everything in one go. It is a strenuous exercise for all your body’s limbs. You do not need to do ropes for more than two minutes at a time. As you progress, and your fitness improves, you can increase the tempo and time spent skipping. For great toning to look fabulous, try enrolling for aerobics or even dancing classes. Think about this for a moment.

Have you not noticed how gorgeous dancers look when they’re on the dance floor? Well, in a heartbeat, that could be you too.

Written by jess