And so now we switch themes again. It’s a bit like changing from one weight training apparatus to the next, isn’t it? Behind every exercise, there definitely is a purpose. When doing your gym sessions or outdoor calisthenics, try and focus your mind on what the purpose of the specific exercise you’re doing is. Try and gather your thoughts as though you were a great philosopher. In this case, you are a philosopher of your own body, mind and soul. This post focuses on feeling great. It’s really just another inspiration to help you towards doing exercises and physical activities that you’ll really enjoy, and look forward to next time, instead of punishing your body and mind with physical things it hates.

The same feeling great criteria apply to the healthy foods you’re going to be eating for the rest of your life. It does not help matters if you’re going to be eating oats for breakfast every morning when you can’t stand the taste. Perhaps muesli with lots of fruits and nuts is more up your street. Hope you get the point I’m making here. Perhaps sitting on a bench twice a week in the gym pushing the same weight monotonously will bore you to tears.

Maybe you are one of those guys who need to spend more time outdoors. If you’re lucky, there’ll be an outdoor park near you where you can do chin-ups and, who knows, bench presses too, only this time you’re enjoying your work more. You have a view to look forward to. The other thing about getting to feel great about what you’re doing physically and eating healthily is that the exercises you do and the food you eat should match your body’s temperament, if you will.

If you really want to be detailed and methodical, and this I encourage wholeheartedly if you have enough discipline to press on with your regime, seek out professional help from your nearby personal trainer and a qualified nutritionist. Allow them to work with your physician who has also been methodical in running a small battery of blood tests to determine accurately your health profile. From his prognosis, both trainer and nutritionist have the right software-based tools to craft an accurate exercise and diet plan that not only works for you but contributes towards your emotional wellness too.

There are some personal fitness trainers who have qualifications in psychology. This allows them to intensify their efforts to help create a more well-rounded and happier individual. That’s you, by the way. They can run a short but pleasurable series of psychometric tests for you. This talks about your personal interests away from the gym or exercise courts. Perhaps your fitness trainer picks up that you’ve been a couch potato for most of your life.

You may think this is a tough one for her. You may think that she now has a challenge on her hands warding you away from your flat screen TV. But what if she picks up that you love watching soccer or baseball? What if she notes from your test that you like basketball, or even tennis? Well, guess what; she’ll be motivating you to join a club. It will be a social club at best, so if you’re going to be playing soccer, for instance, then you can rest easy that it’s never going to be at the same intensity as that of the professional games you’ve been watching on TV.

And it’s less stressful and more enjoyable in any case. Yes, when it comes to playing ball sports, the emphasis should always be on enjoyment rather than all-out winning at all costs. That’s a sure fire way towards feeling great. During the week, you’ve done your exercises. It primes you into shape for your weekend ball game. During the week, you have something to look forward to. I look forward to long distance cycles. I’d encourage this too, but make sure that you’ve prepared yourself well with your fitness levels and the right protection gear.

Anyway, our time is up for now. Hope I’ve provided you with enough inspiration to persist with exercise and being active by way of finding something to work on that you will enjoy.

Written by jess