Part of keeping fit is not just about the exercise that you’ll have to do. There’s more to it than that guys. But don’t worry, it’s not daunting. And if you’ve been on a diet of junk food and sodas for the last few years, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars, wondering just how on earth you managed to survive this long. Part of keeping fit and then staying healthy means that you’re going to have to make major adjustments where your diet is concerned.

Again, there’s really nothing to worry about. Don’t even worry about how you’re going to take care of your sweet tooth, now that you’ve been told to lay off the sugar. There’s surprises in stall for you. It’s going to be like smelling the sweet fragrances of blooming flowers in spring for the first time in your entire life. This major paradigm shift from being sedentary to physically active, from sweets, chocolates and fries to only healthy food is going to be awe and wonder for you.

So far so good, guys. I left this post for a day or two and went on to take care of business elsewhere. I did a couple of other blog posts that have already been published. I’ve seen to my personal training needs, and I’ve helped others with theirs. The great thing about personal training is that your personal trainer can craft a plan that’s just right for you and addresses your own body’s unique needs. I mean, no one person is alike.

So far so good, guys. In previous posts, I told you guys to go easy on the exercise. That’s still the case today. I also told you guys to lay off the sugar and salt. It’s suicide on a plate, and in a bottle. Your personal trainer will never push you harder than you are able to go. She knows the danger limits. Hopefully, she’s also fully qualified and experienced in what she does. Please check this out guys, before you sign up for your first class.

The sugar and salt issue will never go away until such a day when the majority of people in this world have woken up to the dangers and physically addressed these, and the majority of the world’s poor have been able to empower themselves with all the natural and healthy alternatives to sugar, salt and fat. You are already in a good position to take control of your own eating habits. You already have the resources to do this.

Let the inspiration carry on, guys. So far, so good. Here’s the sweet surprise I wanted to give you. Most of you who have taken the bold decision to transform your flab into muscle might still be concerned about how you’re going to address your sudden sugar rushes. This happens when you’re highly energized or in the throes of an intense workout. Still today, sports guys think they’re taking in good supplements via their sports drinks.

Well, I’ve got bad news for them. Those sports drinks, no good for them. Believe it or not, some of those drinks, even the so-called dietary drinks, still have far too much sugar in it. And now the good news. My earlier post told you to go and make your own juices. This where the fun starts. All those fruits that you’ll be indulging in will replace your need to address sugar deficiencies. These fruits already have their own natural sugar content and it’s all one hundred percent good for you. Enjoy it, guys.

Written by jess