Apart from looking great, through regular exercise, good eating habits and an effective wellness plan that allows you to lead an all-around healthy life, you also need to feel great. The wholesome nature of my personal fitness blog, which also covers aspects on good, healthy eating habits, and even some information on dietary and natural health supplements for when the time comes to use these, is that I focus on two main themes.

The first theme, looking great, was covered in an exploratory sort of way in the previous post. This post delves into the second theme of feeling great. In a nutshell, that is also the essence of being healthy. Being healthy and fit in your body is not the only route towards feeling great for most of the day. Being healthy entails being happy too. If you are a happy individual, you are usually feeling good about yourself.

It’s emotional wellness, you see. But there’s a conundrum for first-time exercisers. Let’s look at this quickly. Take for instance, those poor folks who have been clinically diagnosed as being morbidly obese. This would mean that they are heavily overweight, way above average, largely sedentary, way above normal, and for most of the time, eating processed and takeout foods extremely high in sugar, sodium (salt) and fat content.

To top it all off, clinically diagnosed patients, as morbidly obese, are also diagnosed as suffering from some form of clinical depression as a result of their unmanageable weights and inability to do the things that most of us, let’s face it, take for granted. Now, getting them to start exercising, from a personal trainer’s point of view and experience, is quite a challenge. It is not always easy to cheer these folks up. Because of their largesse and not being used to as much as walking around two blocks, they remain unhappy as a result of the struggle.

If you are one of these folks, please do not despair. If you’ve already been to your doctor, you should not be focusing on the old school mentality of being read the riot act. Yes, it is quite true that if you don’t act now to change your life, it will get worse. No longer are you living on the edge, you’re closer to the end of your story. Take note of all the positives being offered to you at this time. Like I’ve always maintained, help is at hand.

If you’ve been to the correct specialist, a list of added consultancies will be given to you. The doctor’s receptionist can assist you with scheduling first-time appointments with weight loss specialists, nutritionists and personal trainers. Your GP will be talking to all of them. Well, he should, anyway. It’s for your own good, so don’t mind being babysat at this crucial stage. If you need emotional counseling, you can get that too.

After all, not only do you want to lose weight fast and start looking great, you also want to start feeling great again. Finally, this is for the folks who are a lot more fortunate at this time. Don’t create unhappiness for yourself on the gym floor. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, make a change to your routine until you’ve found something that appeals to you.

Written by jess