Hi guys, here are just a few quick inspirational tips on keeping fit. This post is geared towards those of you who are just starting out with exercise and healthy living. Many of you may have aged and picked up a bit of weight around the abdomen area, and so find it a lot more difficult to start jogging or picking up weights than you previously thought. Also, you haven’t quite stomached the idea of those healthy foods that you haven’t touched for years.

I’m not going to beat about the bush anymore, so guys, let’s get to work. And, one, two, three; go! Come on guys, lift up those arms! Come on! Up! Up! Up with those knees. I want to see straight lines, guys. Okay, relax guys. I know this well enough. It’s a bit too quick and hard for you right now. Hope I didn’t alarm you. But did I get your attention? First tip for you is this. You don’t need to rush your new exercise regime.

Also, you can still transform you’re eating habits. But you do need to act drastically in some places. For instance, and just staying with those eating habits for now, there are certain things you have to eliminate from your diet right away. While some of you might be thinking, well, I’ve survived this long; why not carry on for a little bit longer. Okay, so your argument goes that it hasn’t killed you just yet. For good practice, going forward and ultimately to save your life, ditch those feelings of complacency right away.

Get rid of sodium and white, supermarket bought sugar from your diet right now. The sodium is the mountains of salt that you’re still shaking all over your nice new fresh green garden salad that is so good for you right now. The salt puts a damper on your chances of becoming and staying healthy. Also, you continue to place yourself at risk of a stroke or long-term heart disease, no matter how healthy the food that you’re eating is.

If you’re fond of sodas, you can transition until your thirst becomes used to the healthiest options. Trash the sugar cans and go for zero sugar options. Cut your intake every week, and while you’re doing that, bring in fresh water and freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Try this out as an inspirational exercise right in your very own kitchen. Instead of buying from the supermarket, squeeze your own juices.

Get to know the ingredients that you’re going to be enjoying for the rest of your healthy life. Oh, and anything that comes in a plastic packet or bag, ditch those too. Invariably, they’re packed with high levels of sodium and sugar, no matter whether the product label says low-fat or zero fat. If you must eat chocolate, go for dark chocolate. Its healthy but in small portions. Instead of stuffing yourself with an entire slab, go easy with a quarter of what you were used to before.

Finally, a note on exercising, because exercise you must. It’s always rough and tough in the beginning. But don’t let the hard work dishearten you. Try your best, but don’t kill yourself either. In the beginning, it’s okay to go slow and easy. Your body will soon get used to the hard work.

Written by jess