Hi, it’s Jesse. Thanks again for signing up with me on my personal fitness blog. Those of you, who are slowly but surely turning into health and fitness fanatics like me, may have already done quite a bit of reading on how to get into shape and to stay that way, mainly through exercise and good eating habits. Diffuse the confusion for now, rid yourself of the sense of being overwhelmed by too much internet-based information, and try to relax every once in a well.

Because many of you reading this might be working in an office, one of the basic rules in regard to looking great, apart from regular exercise and healthy eating habits is never remain stationary for more than three hours at a time. Never allow your body to remain in a sitting position for too long. You need to loosen up every once in a while, otherwise your body becomes stiff and it’s also a surefire way towards ageing prematurely.

It is an easy habit to put into practice and you should enjoy it in any case. I mean, really, who wouldn’t mind a good break from the desk every now and then. I know, I would. My life’s work dictates that hours of my productive time, apart from running personal training sessions with a few folks in town, needs to be spent at my desk. I have a well-oiled break schedule in place to get me to loosen my limbs. Exactly on the hour, I stop what I’m doing and nip out for a quick but leisurely walk around the block, lasting no longer than five to ten minutes.

The break also helps to take the strain off of my eyes. After about three to four hours of solid work, with those important intermittent breaks in between, I take a complete break. I have to. The work can be quite stifling at times. Otherwise, I have other tasks to see to before the day’s end, like running one or two personal training sessions downtown, or getting on with my own workout regime. If I’ve been working at my desk at night, as the case is now, I try to switch off early.

That all important eight hours of sleep a night is still here. It’s not going anywhere. And it’s beauty sleep too, by the way. This is one awesome contributor towards looking great. Most folks still don’t realize just how much a good night’s sleep actually rejuvenates the skin. The story about waking up in the morning with spider’s cobwebs or crow’s feet is a story for those who persist on having late nights. It also does their body and mind no good service.

The body wakes up feeling tired and stiff, while the mind is still preoccupied with the previous night’s confusion of stress and endless tossing and turning. So, it’s also ideal to be getting to bed a lot earlier at night. The body is programmed for this and is not comfortable with the opposite. That’s how I like to see myself getting up in the morning. After a good night’s sleep, I can look forward to seeing myself in the mirror for grooming purposes. Not for the purposes of vanity.

Written by jess