Here is a quick word of advice. Just because the product pack says it’s naturally good for you, and most times it is, does not mean you can afford to ditch your wholesome and healthy diet of edible foods, from antioxidant enriched fruits to high vitamin content fresh, organic vegetables, from fat free dairy products to protein-enriched free range meat products to essential omega 3-laden fish. It would be like starving yourself of everything that’s good for you.

No, taking natural remedies, usually in the form of supplementary capsules, does have its day in order to fill in those gaps that still need filling due to our hectic lifestyles in which many of you may still be struggling to readjust your body clocks to make time for wholesome cooking, gym work, road work and visiting organic produce stores. Also, natural supplements do come highly recommend in extreme cases where some folks are experiencing high ratios of deficiencies, in some form or another.

Natural supplements have been prescribed by medical specialists to their patients who are recovering from some or another post-operative trauma. As a result of the operation or procedure, the patients’ bodies may have lost a great deal of its essential nutrients and fluids. That’s also why sometimes, if you’ve ever been to a hospital to visit someone you know that was seriously ill, you will have seen the so-called feeding tube connected to a patient’s healthy vein or even through the nose.

It is in extreme cases that the body loses all or most of its essential vitamins. But in your case, come on guys, admit it, most of you won’t really need natural supplements. I am going to assume that most of you are just doing moderate exercise and have begun to make the necessary adjustments to your dietary requirements and eating habits. If you’re following a good program tailored by your personal trainer and eating right like a good girl or boy eating all of hers or his vegetables, then you may never need a vitamin or natural supplement.

Guys that are training for a big event, like a marathon or triathlon, or long-distance cycling event, may, on the other hand, be required to take supplements. They are pushing their bodies to the limit in order to achieve a certain time or performance level and won’t be able to replenish what their bodies have lost through their exertions by the usual healthy habits of eating. I remember watching an inspirational scene from the Rocky movie where the main character downed one raw egg after another.

Today, no-one is going to be doing that any day soon. Apart from the fact that a dozen eggs at one time, particularly if it’s not been sourced free range, is just no good for the heart, most of you just don’t enjoy the taste. Me, I happen to like it, but it is extremely rare that I’ll be taking one or two raw eggs in at a time. In any form, that’s the bare minimum anyone should be enjoying in a week, never mind every morning.

Instead of high protein raw eggs, physically active men and women can ingest the equivalents in the form of natural supplements. Essentially, they are good for you and pose no threats to your body’s immune system; in fact, they may aid it, because they are all sourced directly from nature. No chemicals which can produce harmful side effects for some have been added. I think in a later post we can highlight some of the most commonly found supplements. Let’s see later how that pans out.

Written by jess