Let’s talk about time management for a while. While doing this, let’s also stay focused on our two themes of looking good and feeling great, but without ever forgetting our fitness and cardiovascular requirements. Even at the best of times, managing time is always challenging for working men and women in today’s times. Now, not only do you have your busy work schedules and domestic life to contend with, you now have to add an exercise regime and prepping time to your weekly schedules.

What if I told you that all this is quite manageable? Remember, while moving from being a couch potato to a physically active human being, you’re undergoing a transformation. This means change. Remember too what prominent men and women have said about change. Most people still seem to fear change. Change is actually quite exciting. And it’s exhilarating when you begin to see and experience the positive results that it brings about.


There’s just no getting away with it. We all have to work during the day. It’s usually a long one, and some of us even have to take on two jobs at a time to make ends meet. Although this double-overload of work is not something I would recommend, I do recognize that most of us who have work feel privileged. Up to now, you’ve all been feeling pretty jaded at the end of the day. How can you be expected to exercise then if you’re so tired?

For one thing, you weren’t doing it right before. You were eating and sleeping badly before and instead of walking and taking the stairs, you’ve been riding the elevator and your car everywhere. Those bad habits actually make you more tired. Being physically active and energized through correct eating habits puts more spring into your step. And the beauty of your new physical exercise regime is that you don’t need to be doing it every day.


For some folks, particularly those who are heavily overweight, that would be overkill. It will defeat the purpose of getting into shape quicker than you know. Many folks, in their first few weeks of training, feel stifled with boredom. They’re going through the same routine day in and day out. More overkill. And, yes, boring too. Variety, my friends, is the spice of life. Spice up your physically active week by trying to do something different every other day of the week.

In any case, if you want optimum fitness results, you should be doing something different every other day. You will never, ever be doing weight training every day, unless, of course you’re entering a muscle building competition. One day you will be doing weight training, not just to build muscle, but to increase strength. On another day, you’ll be out on a short run or a brisk walk to improve your cardiovascular levels.


And you should be doing other stimulating activities to keep your everyday life interesting. For instance, instead of running one day, you could be cycling, provided that the roads you’re using are safe enough. And instead of spending too much time in an overcrowded gym, you could be having loads of fun with new friends playing soccer or softball. Even shooting pool or darts can be considered a modest form of exercise which stimulates your brain waves and motivates you to do better than your competitor.

I enjoy group activities just as much as the next personal trainer. But being around too many people almost every day of the week can become an occupational hazard for the likes of me, and you, if you’re around people all day long too. Do something a little more awe-inspiring, liking going on a hike along a safe, human-friendly trail where you’re not likely to get lost. Walk in your favorite park at a time of the day when it’s least busy.


Particularly if you’re a busy mom as well, these activities are opportune times for you to enjoy what they call ‘more me time’. Indulge yourself too in as much inspirational literature on the yin and yang of life. In other words, finding your natural balance. Back at home, you’ve still got work to do. Most folks simply hire the help if they can afford to. Save yourself bucks and do the chores yourself. A little bit here and a little bit there won’t take up too much of your time and its physical activities for you all over again.

It all adds towards creating a more well-rounded and sustainable person, over and above being fit and feeling and looking good.

Written by jess