This, I hope, will be an inspirational post, second to none. It’s time for you all to relax. Come to mommy, as they say, and let her tell you a little story. My aim here is to inspire you to great heights in further stimulating your interest in your personal fitness regime. One of the biggest jobs of a personal fitness trainer is to motivate her pupils to persist with the exercise routines she has prescribed for them. You should have seen, or heard, of this well enough when witnessing an instructor take her class through its vigorous paces during a lively and highly musical aerobics session.

There is no whipping and cajoling as such. So, when your new personal fitness instructor appears to be goading you, think nothing of it. All she is doing is pushing you to the next level of fitness. She’s been doing this so many times already, so she knows from experience that what appear to be large mountains to climb are merely small, irritating little molehills which you can simply step over. The theme of this post is looking great. Because it’s mainly a motivational one and designed to inspire you out of the door for an exhilarating run, I will add feeling great as well.

Soon enough, if you’re just starting out, you will start to look great. The moment you begin to see visible signs of healthy weight loss, well, that should in itself be motivation for you to carry on. You’ll notice how different you’re starting to look and perhaps the only irritant or frustration that you’re likely to experience is that those large outfits or jeans that you’ve been forced to wear no longer fit you. They keep on sliding down your waist. Oh, how frustrating. Tut-tut. You should be laughing at yourself in the mirror by now.

Many of you love shopping, so here’s a great opportunity for you to put a new wardrobe together. The beauty of shopping now is that you’ll be able to easily slip into outfits that your eyes had been coveting for a while. Now, not so much because of the clothes you’re wearing, but more to do with how fabulous you look as a slim individual, you’ll be moving successfully in the direction of becoming a stylish and snappy-looking person. If you’re single, perhaps now is the time that you’ll start to meet new folks. But don’t let it all go to your head when guys start to turn their heads and take another peek at this gorgeous babe that just passed them by.

Simply smile and carry on with your walk. Because that’s another thing. You’ll be walking a lot more, quicker and easier than you used to. You won’t be walking so much because you have to or feel obligated to do so, but more because you’re really enjoying it and look forward to the next opportunity to go on a walk. Take me, for example. Here I am, sitting at my desk, typing out this inspirational post for you. Not to suggest that I can’t wait to get done, but I really am looking forward to getting up and away from my desk.

An earlier post chatted to you in a similarly inspirational sort of way, suggesting the path you need to embark on towards healthy eating alternatives. At the end of it, I said that I also needed to go shopping. It’s much the same today. I look forward to shopping. I have to go, otherwise there’s nothing nice to eat tonight, right. But I am ready, willing and able to go because I can walk to the store. Guys, I’m really looking forward to it. The blocks between my house and the main road store are lined with trees. Even as late as this evening, but sun still shining brightly, the birds are still singing.

It’s really lovely to listen to them. That’s why I also look forward to tomorrow morning’s run. I’m up a lot earlier than most folks here, so I’m mostly alone on the streets. But no, not quite. There’s those birds to look forward to as company. Exercising is necessary. No need to explain anymore why this is the case. But exercise must be enjoyed. Now that’s really healthy. A healthy mind is a happy one, with the sense of knowing that the body is doing things it really enjoys. And when there’s a happy and healthy mind in check, there’s a healthy body to go along with it too.

Those of you who love to socialize should have a good enough time at the gym. Those who are still single will be meeting new, like-minded men or women with similar stories of transformation to tell. See, you guys already have lots in common to talk about. No need to sit at a table with nothing to say. After a few months at the gym, there’ll also be another opportunity for you to shine in a new way, emotionally speaking. There may be someone new at the gym, carrying a lot of weight and a lot on her shoulders.

It’s a good time for you to give her a lift by telling her that it’s all worth the sweat. Perhaps when the workout’s over, you can invite her for a healthy fruit juice cocktail. Or even invite her with shopping one day. Let her be encouraged and inspired by what you’re putting in your basket. But if you see her personal trainer taking her through a routine, well, by now, you know it’s not a good time to interrupt the lesson. Whether a solitary girl or boy, or a socialite, you should also be looking forward to weekends. Think about all the things you can do now.

Think about those adventurous or tranquil things even, that you couldn’t or wouldn’t do before because you were so bent out of shape and feeling so sorry for yourself.

Written by jess