As long as the numbers and facts add up, that’s all that matters.

That’s what one editor working with me had to say about starting up a personal fitness blog. I thought about this for a while and said to myself; hang on a minute, why don’t I try something original. While I don’t spend too much time touring the internet myself, I simply don’t have the time guys; I thought to myself, this thing about originality could be quite a challenge. I mean, whatever I have to say or write about personal fitness may have already been written. More thought was put into the creation of this, my own personal blog.

I want it to be as personal as possible but without being personal.

I want to be as polite and inspirational as possible but without forcing any of you out of bed as early as me. It’s getting a lot lighter now where I am based, but just weeks ago; I was getting up long before the sun. I had to. I wanted to squeeze in a few hours of gym or outdoor training work before I had to get down to my reading, research and writing work. I am not here to talk about my professional career. I’m focusing on personal fitness which, in any case, is part of my job in the sense that I am preparing a few short informational and hopefully, inspirational posts for you to read.

This blog is divided as evenly as possible between the following themes; feeling great, looking great, natural remedies and the healthy food that you need to consume in order to get to such states of mind and physical condition. But what about physical exercise? Did I leave that out on purpose? No, not at all. I was coming to that. Never in my life would I consider leaving out something as important as physical exercise in a blog of this nature. Of course, we will be talking about exercise. But the challenge is on to find something original, and that is informational and will be of use to readers keen on getting into shape.

Like lame exercise schedules that are repetitive, life could become so boring from the moment you wake up to the moment you lay your head down to sleep. Even sleep has become boring for some folks. What do they dream about? Nothing, precisely. Other than that, those who do not have precocious or surreal dreams at night are really at peace with themselves and their worldly, and especially their natural surroundings. We need to reach out to folks like that. Not so much for the information that they have at their disposal but more for the informational motivations that make their arguments valid and the inspiration that some of us might need.

Really, I fully get that some folks struggle to get up in the morning. It even happens to me sometimes. Usually when that happens, you are feeling down and your body is not clocking its miles as it should. Perhaps you are just quite a sedentary, overweight and unhealthy man or woman. I hope I did not say that too loudly. I want to get on well with you.

Let us see.